Saturday, November 4, 2017

Ok....Let's try this again.

A new era of Second Life and I can say for certain that my SL has never been fuller. Between work, friends and family and all of the fun and games that get mixed in with these I am busy. Exactly as it should be.  

The blog was due for a reset and although the deletion of every other previous post was an accident I am not worried. There is much to share and I am just getting started.  Currently the Evans-Michaels family is just moved into our very large house and we are all absorbed in various aspects of set up, decoration and landscaping the land around it.  It's been fun and a "life long" goal of many of ours. 

I've learned that there is something to be said for keeping busy both in real life and in second life because, for myself at least, happiness often comes from feeling fulfilled and fulfillment from a job well done. I feel as though in a lot of ways I have found some great balance to life in general and I would like to see things continue along this vein for many months to come.

Below is a picture of some of us goofing off from last weekend. 

From left to right: Blaine, Rory, Lexxi, Raven & Me.

To come you can expect some breakdowns of our crazy SL shenanigans,  some of the day to day family life things, my musings on shopping in world and my take on fashion, some of my fiction writing and whatever else that I or my group thinks would be interesting. 

See you soon,
<3 Hadley