Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lost and Found

Aaaaaaand we're back.  And by we I mean me and now my RL husband in SL together.  It has been an adventure and we're certainly getting into all kinds of trouble.  However, I've decided that I most definitely need to continue exploring the world on my own and writing about it in turn.  So here is the first post of the new era.  It is January 2014!

Today I used the handy destination guide and I found a sim that I thought was just beautiful and not even close to featured appropriately on the guide.  It is called Dryland and it is a sim designed by artist Anita Witt.  It is based on the Aral Sea and if you have not yet learned of this environmental tragedy you should check it out.  The basics can be found here.  Anyhow, Dryland is essentially a huge dry land area where cracked earth is featured heavily but expertly done so that you can look upon the scene as beautiful in addition to being quite sad.   There are rusted out old boats, buildings and even a plane in addition to several art installations and items for sale.  A little bit of life has been brought to the place in the form of a tiny oasis in the middle.  This sim is definitely worth a look.  Especially the photography featured within one of the busted up old buildings.  Beautiful images taken all over the grid and for sale to those who are looking to decorate their skyboxes.  I've posted some images below. You won't regret this stop.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Searching for Inspiration

Having recently acquired a cute little island to call my own, I now have an abundance of prims at my disposal.  It is wonderful but I find that as I go through my inventory (which is now about to hit 16,000 items) I still am having trouble putting together any kind of plan for my decor. So I have decided to take the afternoon and wander the grid for inspiration.  You, my dear friends, shall get a play by play of what I encounter.

When I do something like this I always head to one place first; the Second Life Destination Guide.  It is where I find most of my most visit-able spots.  Today,  there was a blurb about the Boobiethon, and although it has nothing to do with decor that is here I went.  This event is for a worthy cause and the sim that houses it is just gorgeous.

Wandering along the lamp lit street seems like it would also be quite romantic if you had a special someone you wanted to share your boobs with.

There are tons of fun items for purchase. Everything from clothing and jewelry to vehicles and poses.  Plus, all of your hard earned Ls are going to a great cause.

Next I swung around MiChiGaN ShAcK Gardens, Forests & Caves.  So many great things for the outdoors.  So many things I wanted but knew were pretty much just plain impractical for what I have.  But someday I'm going to get this!

I don't know why she is crying but my garden will appreciate it.

So some great outdoor inspiration here.  Just love the idea of sitting on a dock, looking out over the water, maybe even get myself a few fish or other animals.  On to the next!

At this point I'd seen just about the full gambit of items for the outside and I decided that I was going to see if I could find some good ideas or the inside.  I headed over to The Nest, which is one of the most popular SL destinations for many things including furniture. I bought some really lovely lanterns for my porch from Weather or Not.

I also found some really beautiful drawings from Zigana which I am quite excited about because I had one before and have been meaning to look and see if there were any more.  So many great stores I visited at this point that I cannot name them all and I honestly can't say I bought something at each one because I'd have gone broke in about five minutes.  But this sim is always worth a visit.   I find myself here often.

With all of these visuals and this knowledge in my head I went back to my place and decided to get started.
I did the dreaded terraforming and then I put up my new lanterns and they look really great. They make my deck a shiny beacon in the night.  I love it.

Perfect for fun fall parties and midnight shenanigans.

I also ended up placing a couple of key pieces of furniture as pictured below.   Clearly I need to get some lighting inside the house but that project shall be for another day.   I hope everyone has a wonderful one!

<3 Had

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fake Fashionista

I read a TON of SL fashion blogs.  If you write one, I've probably seen it in the past couple of years.  I find them fascinating for a couple of reasons.   One is the fact that in real life I am a fashion failure so I try and dress Hadley how the real life me would always like to dress.  Two is because I'm interested in SL photography and have dabbled (very little) in it myself.  So I decided for this entry I would put together an outfit that I like, something that I have put together myself and take some pictures and showcase a few pieces of my wardrobe.  Below you will find my very humble efforts.
Fashion blogging, turns out, is a very tricky business.  You have to find the pieces, take the pictures, remember where you got everything, give everyone proper credit and make everything look great because often when you take an image in Second Life, it does not come out perfect without a little bit of Photoshop tweaking.
I started this particular adventure at *BOOM*.  Everyone and their best friend has been blogging the Miami Linens.  They are gorgeous and mesh and make my backside look so delightful.  When I went to buy them I found that they came in so many colors I couldn't really make up my mind so I decided to go with the color that I would never ever choose in my real life. So coconut it was!
Next came the challenge: what to wear with white pants? I decided the best thing I could do was pair them with something vibrant and bold.  I searched my entire 'Toppity Type Things' folder for the right thing but I just didn't have it.  So I ran off to the Market Place and did a quick search and I found TWO awesome things I used in this outfit.  First was the .:SS:. Pink Zebra Mesh Cropped Sweater.  I had never personally shopped at this store before and even though I bought the sweater while offline I went and visited the store in world today and wow.  So many great things. I could go broke.  I bought a dress as well but they have a lot of great mesh items for men and women and tattoos which I have been thinking I need more of.  All of which, by the way, is extremely reasonably priced.  Just 50L for my sweater.
The second thing I found was a great new pair of sandals.  I have not before been a big advocate of sandals in Second Life because, let's face it, feet in Second Life are ugly.  But some designers have been making some great new feet and these mesh sandals from ::JIM:: Designs prove that.  They are the ::JIM:: Mesh Beach Sandal in White.  Tint-able skin and nails and I know I'll be using these with a lot of future outfits.
Below you can find information and links for a few other things that finish off this look.  If I have them that is.  I took about six hundred pictures before I decided on these and I hope they are up to snuff even with my mediocre editing skills. But I'm learning which is the important (and fun) part.  Enjoy!

Shape:  My own. I call it Hadley :P
Hair: [e] show -Brown 10
Sunglasses:  Mustache  Bug-Eye Glasses (I am quite sorry that I am unable to find a link for this one)
Skin: :NGBB:: Allyssa Pale M1 option 2 (where I got this unfortunately is unknown)
Poses:  (pda) You And Me in Time & (pda) Years Not Long
Location:  Ctrl Shift H (Home Sim) -although I know you don't get a lot of visual preview here it is BEAUTIFUL.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

So...I've obviously been less than active in my writing over the last FOREVER.  However, in my defense I've had tons going on in my RL.  I moved across the country, had a baby, moved again, traveled from one side of the country to the other and am planning on moving again.  In all this, though, things have begun to settle down which leaves me little bits and pieces of time to write.  Some of this I'll be dedicating to my real life fiction writing (which I may or may not share here but will definitely be sharing with the in world writers group I just joined!-post to come)  and some I will dedicate to the blog!
As usual you will be getting a mix of fashion pics, mini adventures and exploration from Second Life.  If anyone happens to have suggestions of places I should be visiting or reviewing in world please let me know. I can always be reached through IM (which sadly often is not very reliable) as well as through my in world mailbox (my home is located in my pics) and also through notecard (drop me one anytime).
I look forward to getting back to writing! You should see a few new posts within the next few days even so look for them!

Good to be back/here.

<3 Hadley

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Explore Your Inventory: Pretty and Sparkly

One thing I know I never do enough is accessorize.  Which is odd because I have a folder in my inventory titled 'Accessories' with sub folders like 'Scarves', 'Hats' and most importantly 'Pretty and Sparkly'.  Today this is where my focus fell. I realized not only do I not get into it much, but I had really NO IDEA what was in it.  Sure I had still more sub folders inside like 'Bracelets' and 'Necklaces', but I didn't really know what each one looked like.  Some, I found, I had never even pulled out of the original boxes. (Sorry Whippet & Buck).

So today that was the goal. I tried on every piece (ok, not every piece) and I took pictures of the ones I really liked to share them with you all.  The great thing about my jewelry is that most of it was free.  Hunts are full of little trinkets that are both fashionable and very high quality.  The darker, seedier side though is that jewelry seems easier to make than most items in sl so people tend to just throw it out there even when it's cheap and crappy.    Below are some greats.  Enjoy them or not but this is just a friendly reminder that you probably have some stuff in your inventory that could be just the thing your outfit is asking for.

Now you'll notice that I was lazy and didn't change my pose once. It's from (pda) and it's called Goodbye Girls.  It just worked.  So give me a break on this one.  I did, however, get to try out my expression HUD so enjoy that.   If you want to know where to get each piece just leave a comment and I can get the information to you. I cannot, however, promise it will still be there as some of these were picked a year ago or more.

<3 Had

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hunt Crazy

I hunt a LOT.  Mostly because I'm super cheap and I like to get quality stuff for free, but also because it's something to do.  However, I have devised a set of guidelines for people who also are huntacularly inclined so that they may not make the same mistakes that I am CONSTANTLY making when choosing and executing hunts.  The guidelines are as follows: 

Number of stores:  How many stores I'm going to have to pop in and out of is a huge determining factor as to whether or not I'm going to be even looking at a hunt.  Too many stores and I begin to feel a) bored as hell and b) like if I don't finish (which I'm not- see A) I'm going to be missing out on some really cool stuff, which sucks.

Preview items: Most blogs for hunts will post some images of items that you are going to find.  I like to take a look and see if there is actually anything there that is worth my time.  If I don't like any of the images, then I don't hunt. Simple as that. 

Quality Test:  I will actually hunt a couple of stores, then come home and unpack my treasures and test them out.  If I find the quality lacking, I may quit. I may not, just depends on what I find.  Sometimes I can tell when a specific store isn't going to have something I like before I open.  I won't hold that against an entire hunt.  But if I find five items that I just think are awful, I won't move on.  The exception being when I know a store coming up later in the hunt and I like to shop there. I will jumpy ahead and grab the item there only.  It's handy for getting freebies from your favorites.

How long?:  I usually don't start a hunt until it's at least half over. Most hunts are a month or more so by waiting I can ensure that if I need to get into the group chat for help, someone is going to have an answer for me.  

Spending FOREVER on one item:  I will not spend more than about 20 min looking for an item.  It's annoying. People should make hints clear and challenging yet simple to figure out.  It's not hard if you put some thought into it.  The challenge should be in deciphering the clue, not in camming around every inch of every item in the store trying to find a tiny tiny box, barrel or food.

I know at this point people are thinking "Damn Hadley, it's free stuff, you have no right to be so critical, just take the items and be grateful."
How about no.  I and YOU have a right to be choosy about what you keep in your inventory AND about  what you spend your time on in SL.  We all know how quickly an inventory count can balloon from a very modest 10K to a seriously debilitating 80K.  (I never actually met anyone with a count this high, it just sounds bad.)  Plus,  why waste time you could be socializing, photographing, creating, and humorously judging others doing hunts and collecting items you hate and will never wear.
This being said, I need to clean out my inventory.  My other favorite thing to do in world.  

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a night out!

I am  ALWAYS looking for something new and fun to do in world.  Mostly this is because I have about a ten minute attention span but also because there is only so much shopping a girl can do. Sacrilegious I know but way too true. So while looking around at other blogs and on the web a couple weeks ago I fell across  Imagine my surprise when I realized that there were people putting on full on shows in world and I had never been to one. The span of the different kinds of shows being staged is very wide but I started at E&S Burlesque Factory.

The show did not disappoint.  It was truly fantastic with a very agreeable contemporary twist on a style of entertainment that has been enchanting and arousing crowds for decades.  I give a full on applause to the creators, owners, managers Ellie Criss & Slappy Doobie.  They put together the type of organized, innovative and sexy show that I would even pay to see in RL.  Check out some of the highlights below and for God's sake check out for shows coming up and catch one. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to do so!